Let’s talk about one of the most sought after and recognized bag in the fashion industry. You may not know the name or the brand, but you do for sure recognize it.


The bag is a milestone for some of us. We make promises to ourselves that we one day will have it in our collection (without bankrupting ourselves). It’s one of the most iconic bag off all time, maybe even the most iconic bag. And it’s worth a small fortune for some of us… But where did it start?


Do you believe in faith? Conceived on a flight to Paris in 1981 when Jane Birkin’s bag fell over and got the attention of the then-chief executive off Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas. Complaining to the man beside her about how “nice purses were never big enough”, little did Jane know who she was complaining to. Mr. Dumas took matters into his own hands and voila! The spacious Birkin was born three years later in 1984. Ok, it wasn’t just “voila” and a bag was born, it did take three years, but you get the pic. A legend was born because of a chance encounter…


The classic Birkin is today an international symbol of wealth. Owning a Birkin for us women is like owning a Ferrari for men. Victoria Beckham apparently owns well over a 100 and her collection is worth around £1, 5 million… I know crazy right?! Just think about all the things you could do with that kind of money! Although Beckham is not the only one with a fortune stashed away in her walk-in closet. Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez, Tamara Ecclestone, Lady Gaga and many more are a part of an army of women that have, for some an impressive and admiring collection, for others a shocking and disturbing collection of Birkins.


So we now know the history and where the bag stands today, but what made Birkin the it bag? What made everything spiral out of control, creating six years long waiting list for some items? Because it doesn’t matter that you’ve the money to buy the Himalaya, with its crocodile skin, with gold and diamonds… You still have to be on the waiting list! (If you buy directly from Hermès). Everyone have different experiences of bringing home the Birkin. Most off us will get a big fat no if we asked Hermès if they had a Birkin in store, but they will gladly put you on a waiting list that varies from two to six years depends on the item you are after. However, is there really a waiting list that long? Some speculates that the “waiting list” is something Hermès created to make the Birkin more exclusive and sought after. Cause who doesn’t want something they can’t have, especially when it’s “the ultimate” symbol of wealth for some.


Micheal Tonello tells the secret to getting around the waiting list at Hermès in his book “Bringing Home the Birkin”. The formula goes something like this; pile on 10 or so scarfs or a Kelly for that matter, then casually ask “Oh… And one more thing… Do you have a Birkin?” Doesn’t hurt to try if you are out after a Birkin (right?), and you have some (a lot) money lying around and doesn’t want to bid in an auction or buy through a private seller.


Sooo, is spending a small fortune on a Birkin worth it? The thing is that you don’t just pay for the label, but also the quality. From the various leathers to hardware of gold, each and every Birkin is put together by one person that takes their time and makes sure that the bag is flawless. Buying a Birkin is not just a statement, but also an investment. The value will only increase over the years. So you can always sell it if you ever find yourself in crises where you need money;) Oh… And one more thing… It’s not just a bag… It’s a Birkin.